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Published on: 3rd August, 2021

Faithful on the Clock is a podcast with the mission of getting your work and faith aligned. We want you to understand Who you're serving and why so you can get more joy and legacy from every minute spent on the clock. Thanks for joining us and taking this step toward a more fulfilling job and relationship with God!

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In this episode...

Thank You!

Putting out a podcast takes a ton of work. So this first bonus episode of Faithful on the Clock is all about giving huge shoutouts to all the people who made the show possible.


[00:03] - Intro

[00:27] - Thanks to business professionals that broadened perspective

[01:33] - Thanks to friends and colleagues

[01:57] - Thanks to family

[03:11] - Thanks to God

[04:15] - Prayer

[05:23] - Outro/thanks to listeners

[06:02] - Post-roll CTA

Key takeaways:

  • All the people I’ve had the privilege of interviewing and working with have given me the perspective necessary to do the show and are a major source of inspiration.
  • My friends and colleagues on social media have been incredibly supportive and have encouraged me through their conversations and guidance.
  • My husband has been a major help, listening to ideas and even helping with the end-of-show post-roll. And even though I wanted to do the show to inspire my kids, they are inspiring me by telling me to keep going and that it sounds great.
  • I initially didn’t think I was going to start a Christian podcast. I thought I’d do something like voiceovers with my mic instead. But God has given me a great opportunity, and I hope that I can make something of it for years into the future.
  • Without you, the listeners, there would be no show. THANK YOU!

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It’s me, again, people. I’m your host, Wanda Thibodeaux, and you’re listening to a very special thank you episode of Faithful on the Clock, the podcast all about getting your faith and work aligned. Today I’m just taking quick moment to show my gratitude to some important people who have helped make this show possible. Let’s dive right in.


So, OK! I cannot believe I even get to say this, but Faithful on the Clock has officially launched. And in today’s episode, my whole deal is just saying a big thank you to the people who have been such a big support as I’ve been working on this podcast. And I want to start off by saying how much I appreciate all the wonderful business people I’ve had the chance to interview and write for over the past half a dozen years. I’ve talked to just so many people in all different types of roles, and it’s been you guys who have really shown me what leaders really are facing on a daily basis. Without your stories, I really wouldn’t have the perspective that inspired me to do the podcast. This show is for YOU. So thank you for being so willing to share all of your experiences, for taking the time out of your day to hop on calls, do the Zooms, send me answers to questions over email, EVERYTHING. You are the reason I am sitting here at my desk today, and I’m incredibly grateful.


Next, I want to say thank you for all the friends and colleagues I’ve got on social media. You guys are from all over the world, and every time you make a comment or retweet or however you’re engaging, that conversation and dialogue is just so encouraging. I will continue to engage with you on all the platforms I can, as much as I can, and I’ll keep listening to your feedback as I go.


Third, of course I have to give a shout-out to my family. You know, this is a solo podcast, so it’s a lot different than if I had someone else to play off of during the recording. And that can be kinda lonely, it’s a little intimidating to be responsible for everything. But I’ll just say, I have the best husband in the world, my husband, Chris, he’s the guy I roped in to doing that little postroll segment you hear at the end of the show. He’s heard out my thoughts on my episode topics and heard me, you know, arguing with my software as I try to figure things out. And my kids, you know even they’ve been telling me, like, hey mom, it sounds great, or you know, you can do it. And I really wanted me doing this podcast to be a good example for them of faith and how to speak up and encourage people, but I promise you, they are behind the scenes being an example for me. So I say thank you so much to them, because they’re there every day, every time I do an outline or pull my mic over, and they give me so much courage and confidence to keep going and polishing, and it’s absolutely fantastic.


Lastly, you know I have to just thank God. Because you know, as a freelance writer, I do have a lot of freedom on what projects I do. But the more I worked the more I felt absolutely convicted that I had to do something with real purpose. You know, I didn’t just want to spend every day writing listicles about this characteristic or infrastructure, or that study. And it’s not that I don’t see value in those things. But I can tell you, as someone who’s, you know, been in those kind of languishing places before, and who’s really had to dig for answers, it is so absolutely invigorating to put this together and feel useful. And it’s funny, because when I first bought my mic, I was thinking, hey, I might try to do some voice tracks, that kind of thing. I wasn’t planning to do a podcast, let alone a Christian one. But looking back on how everything came together, I can see how little pieces came together that really, from a logistical standpoint, made no sense whatsoever. And it all just kind of fell into place, and at the same time, I got clearer and clear on what I wanted this to be, and so I have to kind of just say, OK, God. You had me vocally trained, you put the tools in my lap, you even made the guy who mows the lawn at my condo stop right when it was time to record. So even though I don’t know where this is going to go, I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to try it, and that He’s given me the chance to say something that hopefully somebody out there isn’t going to forget.


So, God, thank you for opportunity. Thank you for everyone who listens and who downloads an episode. And I’ll admit I played the Moses card and at first was like, are you kidding me? You gotta get somebody else, I’m fine with, you know, singin’ in the choir, but I’m not a soloist, I’m not a speaker. I’m not good at that. But with your help, this will be something that goes not just for a few weeks or months, but years down the road. In Jesus’ name, amen.


That’s all I have today. And to you my listener, I’ll just give one last huge shout-out. Without you, there would be no show. Thank you for every minute you share with me, and I genuinely hope we will continue to build this relationship with every episode. Send me messages, share the podcast with the people you love, and until next time, be blessed.

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