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Published on: 4th August, 2021

What’s coming up on the Faithful on the Clock podcast? In this second bonus episode, you’ll get a sneak peak so you know exactly what you cannot miss through September 2021.


[00:03] - Intro

[00:37] - Topics for the month of August 2021

[01:35] - Topics for the month of September 2021

[02:21] - You can contact me with any thoughts or ideas you have for the show.

[02:57] - Prayer

[03:41] - Outro

Key takeaways:

  • Topics for the month of August will cover self-development, planning, the fake it till you make it ideology, and the tendency of God to use unlikely people to do His best work.
  • Topics for the month of September will cover work-life balance, failure, handling difficult people at the office, and whether you can follow God and be wealthy at the same time.

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  • Contact me with any thoughts or ideas you might have for the show.
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What’s coming up next:



It’s time for another show, people. I’m your host, Wanda Thibodeaux, and you’re listening to Faithful on the Clock, the podcast all about getting your faith and work aligned. In this second bonus episode, I’m gonna give you a quick sneak peak at what’s coming up on the podcast so you know what you CANNOT miss for the next couple of weeks. It’s a great opportunity to look at what I’m planning, connect with me, and tell me exactly what topics you want to hear and to have a real impact on the show. Let’s start the sneak peak!


OK. I just have to say, as I’m looking at this list of upcoming topics, I don’t know, I’m pretty excited. And I’ve got some great episodes lined up, starting right off with one about self-development, the difference between developing yourself for your own gain and developing yourself to serve and reflect God. I’ve got one on planning, why you don’t have to OVERplan, and why it’s so important to let God get in the driver’s seat. I’m following that right away with a show on why the old fake it till you make it isn’t ideal, and why you ought to just aim to be honest to get ahead. Then, for episode 5, which is the final episode for the month of August, I’m talking about God’s tendency to use unlikely people to do his absolute best work, and what that means for your ability to be happy no matter what job you have.


Now. Starting in September, I’m gonna hit that monster topic for you--work-life balance. I’ve laid out some quick tips on how to get that work-life balance going for yourself. And the next episode covers why failure’s not the end of the world, and what you can do when you feel like you haven’t hit the mark. In Episode 8, I’ll hand over some guidance on how to handle the narcissists, the pessimists, all the quote-unquote more difficult people you might have in the office. BUT. Episode 9. That’s a heavy hitter so we can end the month with a bang. That episode’s going to answer the big question of whether you can be wealthy and still follow God. Big debate on that one, but I’m going to take my best shot at it.


So that’s what I’ve got planned on the calendar for the podcast for the next two months. Hopefully I won’t have to shift any of that too much, but you never know, I might get a flash of inspiration for something else that’s timely. And of course, I want YOU to message me. Let me know what you think about what’s on the agenda, go ahead and put in your two cents about what YOU want to hear, and together we’ll move right along week by week.


I’m just gonna close with a quick prayer.

God, I just want to ask that as I put these next few shows together, you show me things on these topics that I’ve never seen or thought about before. Just make sure that everything I say is something that the listeners need to hear. And give them the courage to give me some guidance, and really build this community and get a conversation going between all of us, because that’s where the empathy, a sense of purpose--it all happens when we build that community. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


That’s gonna wrap it up, folks. Make sure you keep an eye out for that next episode to drop. It is happening FAST, you’ve only got a coupla days before it hits. It’s comin’! Exciting stuff. Have a wonderful week, and as you tackle everything that’s on your plate, be blessed.

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